Part types manufactured by Jordan Machine Co.

While we can probably make any part you can imagine, we do have a certain area of expertise that is an focused on mechanical parts for industrial equipment. Whether you need bushings, pins, shafts, flanges, fasteners, bolts, studs, acme nuts, or other mechanical parts, you can rely on Jordan Machine Company to manufacture quality parts. This is jut a partial listing of the types of parts we have capabilities to machine:

Bronze Bushings

Bronze Wear Liners

Steel Wear Liners

Pump Shafts

Bearing Housings

Seal Housings

Shaft Sleeves

Retainer Plates

Link Levers

Acme Threaded Shafts

Bronze bushings, split bushings

Split collars

Guide Rollers

Roller Wheels

Axles and Pins

Custom Lock Nuts

End Covers


Hydraulic Manifolds

Pipe Adapters

Seal Plates

Knife Clamps

Hardened Rollers

Custom machined parts from one-off production, to small lots (5-50), or larger runs of up to 1,000 pieces

We can provide additional processing, such as heat treating, carburizing, chrome plating, zinc plating.