Shredder Machines and Granulators

We are the exclusive OEM machine shop for the entire product line of Jordan Reduction Solutions equipment. Their equipment consists of Industrial Shredders, Plastic Granulators, and Product Grinders used in the rubber and textile industries. With these machines, manufacturers are able to process and recycle industrial materials like plastics, PVC and vinyl. Some grinder machines can also be used for size reduction workflows of injection moldings, plastic extrusions and even post-consumer waste like plastic bottles, plastic buckets.

Films and plastic purgings are usually recycled and reclaimed in-house by most manufactures, and the granulator machines produced by Jordan Reduction Solutions are among the fastest and easiest to maintain machines that we have seen.  The grinders can be used to cut up rubber hoses and dunnage that are often processed in single shaft shredders. Using combined shredder and granulator machines you can create a system that meets virtually all plastics processing challenges including industrial plastic scrap.

Industrial Shredder

Here is an photograph of an assembled industrial shredder cutting chamber where you can see the dual shafts, cutting knives, and gear box of the machine. Notice the heavy rugged design that is used in these machines to ensure they will have many years of productive life. They also keep a full warehouse of replacement parts to provide quick access to new OEM components.

Industrial Shredder photo JRS MS-2817